Sep 28

美国俄勒冈州立大学保罗·莫塔夫(Paul Murtaugh)和迈克尔·施莱科斯(Michael Schlax)的文章“繁衍和个人的碳遗产”(Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals):


Should we have fewer children to save the planet?

In some ways, this focus on American and British births is an improvement over the previous bout of overpopulation worries. Back in the 1970s, when the experts complained about people having too many children, they meant Chinese, Filipinos, Latin Americans, Africans, et al.

Many still believe this is so. At least for the moment, however, the American mom who brings a new life into this world seems to be regarded as more of an environmental menace than the Bangladeshi mother who does the same.

There’s a larger trouble with this point of view, of course, and it has nothing to do with the arithmetic. However new-sounding the language about “carbon footprints” may be, what we have here is the same old Malthusian view of people breeding themselves to destruction.