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ORI Declines to Investigate Claims against Xiao Procedure

星期六, 3月 20th, 2010

The Office of Research Integrity of Department of Health and Human Services responded to the open letter concerning Xiao Procedure. It declines to investigate citing lack of jurisdiction and absence of specific allegations. Here is the response letter in its entirely, dated March 15, 2010.

The Division of Investigative Oversight (DIO) of the Office of Research […]

Xiao Procedure Trials in SCI outside China

星期六, 3月 13th, 2010

Listed below we summarize the facts regarding the clinical trials of the Xiao Procedure in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) in the US and Germany. Some of the facts have already been included in the Open Letter of Complaint against the Xiao Procedure, others were recently found. We note that the SCI cases conducted […]

The Story of First Patient of Xiao Procedure Trial at Beaumont Hospitals

星期二, 3月 9th, 2010

The following are the story of one of the first patients of the Xiao Procedure trial conducted at  Beaumont Hospitals in December 2006, told by media reports, TV show, and mostly the patient and his mother’s web posts on the CareCure Forums. According to Beaumont, and indeed, ”the first procedure garnered national attention and appeared in […]

Daily Kos Reviews History of Xiao Procedure

星期四, 3月 4th, 2010

Daily Kos recently published a run-down on the history of Xiao Procedure with the alarming title “What unregulated medicine looks like“.
Drawing directly from media sources in Chinese, notably the Science News reports (sn1 and sn2) previously translated by the New Threads Volunteers, the article’s author xgz recounted the case and asked “Do we want that […]

The Risk of the Xiao Procedure

星期四, 3月 4th, 2010

On the Evidence Supporting the Open Letter against the Xiao Procedure

星期三, 3月 3rd, 2010

Most of the facts presented in the Open Letter of Complaint against the Xiao Procedure are summarized from reports from Chinese lawyers and media. The evidence supporting all allegations can be found in the enclosed material, which consists of:

1. A list of reports on the activities of the New Threads and Dr. Fang Zhouzi from prestigious […]

The Open Letter against the Xiao Procedure Sent to US Authorities

星期三, 3月 3rd, 2010

The representative of the New Threads Volunteers, Eddie Cheng, has formally filed the complaint agaist the Xiao Procedure by sending the Open Letter of Complaint against the Xiao Procedure to the following authorities:

1. Institutional review boards of Beaumont Hospital and All Children’s Hospital, where the trials are currently undergoing.
William Beaumont Hospital Human Investigation Committee3811 West […]